Later Days


PAM (40) is close to finishing a huge deal that will define her career. All she wants for her birthday is a nice meal, sexy time with her husband, MIKE, and then to get back to work. Too bad Mike didn’t get the memo. He throws a huge 80s-themed Prom Party for Pam and EVERYBODY from high school comes – in costume, and with all of their old crushes, grudges, and nostalgic baggage. LATER DAYS is a date-night romp for exhausted adults about the reckoning between who we are now, who we once were, and what we still aspire to be. By the end of this one wild night, Mike and Pam break out of a marital funk, and the whole gang sees the past and the future more clearly -- through their bleary, blood-shot eyes. Currently in post.

The Kindness of Strangers


We are developing a feature film from Katrina Kittle’s award-winning novel, The Kindness of Strangers, about a grieving family that uncovers a dark secret in the midst of their idyllic suburban neighborhood. Slated to shoot in Chicago in 2020, John Lerchen’s Forever Safe Productions will co-produce the film with Wry Mash from Brad Riddell’s script. Domenica Cameron-Scorcese is attached to direct.

Day In The Life


An ambitious plaintiff's attorney who can't find work in the city finally discovers his break-through case...deep in the plains of rural Iowa. He must convince a crippled, conservative, and cantankerous invalid to go to trial, while reckoning with his own sense of entitlement in a place that offers no quarter to the "liberal elite."  We are currently developing this dramedy with the 2017 Black List Cassian Elwes Fellowship Winner, Keely Lewis Wise.  

Punk Rock Packrat


This documentary follows a dentist with an unparalleled collection of early punk rock memorabilia and his desire to find its forever home.  Currently in production. 



Concerned that his wife might be interested in a snazzy-dresser at the office, an out-of-work renaissance man joins a clothing club for men, only to discover that his new personal stylist's methods are somewhat...invasive. Currently in post-production.



Jody Genet is young, spontaneous, and routinely dabbles in whatever strikes her fancy. Right now, it’s acting. But recently, she considered becoming a doula. As a kept woman with a rich and successful partner, her impulsiveness comes with few consequences – until she enters an elite Yoga Teacher Training Program that challenges every aspect of her life, including her commitment to the woman who loves and supports her. Shala presents an inside look at the yin and yang of the yoga world, and is currently in development as a sexy, steamy, drama series. 

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